Quality Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Severely worn, chipped and discoloured teeth can affect a person’s self esteem and confidence, so much so that they rarely smile and appear distant and unfriendly. Edge Dental Care, a quality dental practice in Edgecliff,  provides a wide range of procedures that can be used to correct such conditions as spaces between teeth, discoloured or stained teeth, broken, chipped or worn teeth or poorly shaped teeth.

The advances in technology enable us to make all ceramic crowns/bridges/implants, which are not only superior in strength, but also aesthetically more beautiful as they are luminous and natural looking.

We have many happy patients who now have beautiful smiles. Our emphasis is on improving the appearance of teeth whilst maintaining health and function. We will therefore insist on teeth being healthy prior to any purely aesthetic treatment being undertaken and will ensure that treatment options provided will allow for this health to be maintained.

In some situations, we can provide a combination of procedures to correct aesthetic concerns.

Composite resin veneers

Direct laminate (composite) veneers are a conservative alternative to porcelain veneers as they require very little, if any, removal of tooth structure, and do not require laboratory fabrication thus minimising costs.

Porcelain veneers

A veneer is a thin shell, custom made to fit over a discoloured or chipped tooth.

Tooth coloured crowns

In some cases, the tooth may require restoration with a crown, rather than a veneer. This will ensure that both form and function are restored.

Teeth whitening

We offer two professional teeth whitening services to brighten your smile:

Philips Zoom Whitespeed – An instant way to brighten your smile. Includes follow up care.

Take home whitening kit – Perfect if your teeth are sensitive or if you want something a little more budget friendly.

Read more about our whitening options