Preventive Dental Care in Edgecliff

At Edge Dental Care our priority is your health and well-being.  We firmly believe that prevention is much better than cure.

Dental health check

For most people, a dental examination and professional clean is recommended every 6 months, this is to ensure that any potential problems can be detected and treated early on before they escalate into more serious conditions.

In certain circumstances more frequent visits are necessary e.g. children with braces, adults with periodontal (gum) disease, elderly patients and patients suffering certain medical conditions.

We will contact you when you are due for an appointment to help you maintain your oral health.

A dental examination involves a comprehensive assessment of the whole mouth which includes not only your teeth, but also the soft tissues (i.e. lips, tongue, cheeks, gums and palate etc.) as well as your bite,  jaw joint and facial muscles. The health check visit provides an opportunity for us to see how you are managing with your home care routines, as this is essential in maintaining long term health. It also gives us a chance to provide encouragement or prompting when needed!

We will make and keep a detailed record, including photographs and xrays, which will allow us to monitor the condition of your mouth over the long term.

Once the examination is complete Dr Lassemillante will discuss the findings with you.

If any treatment is required we will discuss a treatment plan with you, including all the benefits, risks and costings of different treatment options available. This will allow us to decide together what is best for your long term dental health.

Dental X-rays

X-rays of your teeth are necessary to gain an understanding of any problems or underlying issues that cannot be seen simply by looking into the mouth. The x-rays are taken every two years so that your records are as up to date as possible and so that we can refer to them when maintaining your dental health.

We use digital radiography so we can see your X-rays instantly and more accurately. Modern dental digital X-rays have a very low radiation dose, especially compared to conventional x-rays and are environmentally friendlier to the environment as there is no need for chemicals to develop the films. Should you require a referral to a specialist for further treatment the digital images can be emailed.

Scale and clean

A scale and clean is a procedure to remove hard deposits called scale, tartar or calculus that form on teeth over time. Once calculus builds up on teeth it cannot be brushed off, but it requires removal to prevent gum or periodontal disease. After these deposits are removed the teeth are polished to remove any remaining stains.

Fluoride treatment

Fluoride is a natural mineral found in food and water which helps to strengthen teeth and increase their resistance to decay.

Concentrated fluoride treatments are offered to both children and adults as a preventative measure.


If you are involved in contact sports we will recommend a sports mouthguards equipment to help prevent injury to the mouth.  Special impressions are taken of your teeth to create a custom fit and colour guard that is much more effective and comfortable than store bought self-moulding mouth guards.

Occlusal splint therapy

If there is evidence of a tooth clenching or grinding habit we may recommend occlusal splint therapy. Tooth grinding can lead to worn teeth, cracked or splint teeth, sore jaw joints, muscle aches and pains in the neck and shoulders


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